Sunday, 12 April 2015

Diary of an Invalid 4

Saturday:I wasn't even sure if I'd find somewhere to cut my hair, particularly as it was the Easter weekend, and we had spent all morning cleaning the house. But I wandered into a hairdressers I
wouldn't normally go to, and they were able to fit me in. I dont think my hair has ever been as long , the hairdresser had to get me to stand so she could cut the ends of my hair. I also got a fringe, exciting. My friend is in college in Dublin at the moment and she was returning for the weekend with her boyfriend, so we all headed out, I went out hard altogether....My brother and I had a great chat at 4.30am while I was trying to hide easter eggs.

Sunday: Easter Sunday! Today was a good day to be hungover. After mass (as the priest was walking out of the church he was giving out creme eggs), it's roast lamb day as well as chocolate egg day, my brother  stole my main egg, the brat! One of our grandmothers and uncles had dinner with us, which of course is always nice. We then headed to our other grandmothers house, and there was cousins who aren't around much, and more food! We finally headed home, and watched Batman and Robin.

Monday: It's the start of April and the weather is amazing!! I was even invited to a Barbeque in Cork city, I was at home so I couldn't go, I was helping my mother with her college work. I finished watching the second season of Brooklyn 99, which is just hilarious.

Tuesday: Today my dad went back to England, so we went to airport to drop him off. My brother and I went to buy gym clothes for him, cause he's starting to go to the gym now. We went to Waterstones which we normally do. Mam collected him after a while, and I stayed in the city, its beer pong day don't you know, even though I didn't play, I go to talk to everyone (creep really) I met a few people who are living in a hostel, cause in Cork its getting more and more difficult to find somewhere to live

Wednesday: I headed home in the morning to help my mother with college stuff again. I watched a lot of  Broad City and I decided to finally book somewhere to stay in Barcelona. A few months ago I asked on facebook was there any recommendations and one of my friends suggested I try AirBnB, and I researched it a lot and looked  at the locations of the places and the reviews the people gave so I booked it. It's a good price for a single bed in a good location, I'll let you know how it goes

Thursday: I was actually invited to another Barbeque, this time I was even able to go, so I got my lamb burgers and headed on over where as usual I was the only irish person at the house. I had sushi for the first time ever, and i had a lovely time altogether, as the evening went on we actually crossed the road from one house to another house, where another person at the party was living to get as
much sun as possible. With my fringe and sunglasses on, from my cheeks got sunkissed (burnt). We said we'd meet up that evening again, so i headed home, watched the final episode of Breaking Bad (yes only this week. the final four episodes will go down in history). I didn't know many people from the party, and the one girl I did know became ill, so I just headed to the bar I liked in town and it turned out some of my beerpong friends were already there so I hung out with them for the night, some of the guys from the barbeque ended up there too. There was a bit of a touchy feely episode with another guy, that put me in a bit of bad mood for a while, but I tried to just dance on and forget about it.

Friday: In a still not great mood/slightly foggy, hungover mood I basically stayed indoors in my room and watch moone boy, not giving anything away but Paul Rudd is in the last episode in the third season, which I think is amazing, the show itself is amazing in all honesty. I eventually got outside and went for a walk around the city and everytime I go walking I see something new, I still feel like such a novice to this place

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Diary of an Invalid 3

Saturday: Ever since I saw the ad for Cinderella (while waiting for Into the Woods to start of course) I knew I was going to see it as soon as it was out. I arrabged to go to the cinema with the same person I went to see Into the Woods with. First we headed to Cork Coffee Roasters which was really good. Cinderella was adorable and the costumes were amazing and I highly recommend it. It was one of my friends work colleagues birthday so we headed out for a couple of drinks too. It was unfortunate I had two boxes of brownie mix in my bag that I had to lug around...oh well.

Sunday: The reason for said brownie mix was it was my housemates birthday and I made brownies the week before and I promised I'd make them again. We also got him a blanket cause he's always cold. And we headed to Wild West Wings with one of his friends. We got the started Nachos, Ribs and wings (there's different types of wings, but I can't remember which ones). The Ribs were absolutely amazing btw, literally melt in the mouth. We finished our night in The Old Oak where we saw Ireland draw in the soccer.

Monday-Thursday: I stayed home these four days, after a relation died Monday morning, far too young. I did go back to cork Thursday for a leaving party for one of my friends (they're starting to leave already #sob).

Friday: I'm after having a huge clearout of both of my wardrobes and so of course I had to buy other clothes to replace the one's I got rid of. The coachella collection at H&M is so nice I bought a palm tree two piece (skirt and croppish top). I also got some swimwear for Barcelona ( so excited btw) and a denim dress from pennies. I was all ready to head home when I got a text from a friend (a french friend of course) and he was on the bus to cork so I hung around for a few more hours to go for coffee with him, at Italee of course. I headed home and went to a taize service as it was Good Friday. Some of the family came over for tea and hot cross buns and I was informed by my aunt, who was a hairdresser that I needed to get a haircut, I appreciated the straight forwardness

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Diary of an Invalid 2

Saturday: Today was the start of the Sport weekend extravaganza!! Super Saturday Rugby style Three games!! Six and a half Hours!! And one stupid french player induced heart attack!! But Ireland Won !! Two Six Nations in a row, and my favourite player of all time Paul O'connell, be still my beating heart, won player of the six nations!! Bring on the World Cup in September!!

Sunday: Second day of the Sport weekend extravaganza! I live with a Valencian guy who's mad about sports so of course I had to bring him to a Hurling match. He told his friends so there was a group of 11 spanish/italian people and I watching the Cork/Tipp game in Pairc i Rian, they were all slightly confused about the sliotar and the hurley but they had a great time. Xavi, Jaume and I then had Dominoes, ya can't beat Dominoes. In the evening we went to The Old Oak to watch the Barcelona, Real Madrid game, to me those 90 minutes went slower than the 6 and a half hours the day before, but the men sitting behind me had a huge bag of sunflower seeds so I was happily munched away. Someone tried to use my broken elbow to get my number, can't blame a guy for trying.

Monday: Plans were made and cancelled and postponed and remade Monday, so annoying. To calm down I headed to the Crawford Gallery in the city,cause sure why not. There is a lot of art that was painted pre-famine work, it's interesting to see how Cork was and how successful it was back in the day. In the evening I headed home to meet my friend before she went back to London and to be a soundboard for my mother, when she was doing her assignments.

Tuesday: Headed back to the city today. I attempted to listen to the new Drake album, I was really not feeling it to be honest,I didn't even have a favourite song!! Of course Tuesday is Beer Pong day so of course I headed there for a creep as normal, few Fran Wells all is good.

Wednesday/Thursday; Headed home again cause I'm such an amazing daughter, and the amazing sound board that I am, and a lot of work got done whooo. I had a second unfinished album, today it was haim, eventually I think all there stuff kinda sounds the same, not entirely a bad thing but I couldn't listen to their entire album in one go.

Friday: Woke up at the crack of dawn (ok 8.05) cause I had to head to the hospital for a check up for my arm, and they referred me to the physiotherapist. Turns out its gonna take 6-8 weeks to heal not 4 weeks like the doctor told me in A&E, which is annoying, but I'm not supposed to use my sling anymore so I can wear jackets and stuff so that's good. Today I decided to take a walk on the north side of the city, I have no knowledge of the area, and I've never been in some of the churches. It was funny at one stage I was like oh my god there's so much I've never seen and then I turned a corner and I realised where I was and how small the city is, which I like its petit :)

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I keep Dancing on my own 2.

It's not often my housemate and I are walking home, me wearing Cat ears with my lovely cat eye running down my face. We had just left a party with these lovely people from Spain and Germany, as per usual I was the only irish person there for a good chunk of the party, which I always find highly entertaining.

Bit of a backstory, in January I moved into a house closer to the city with four students, three irish girls and one Catalonian guy who's over here practising his english. He asked would I go to Beer pong with him once, where I was the only irish person there, which made me enjoy the beer pong more, even though I am just terrible at playing it, but I've gotten friendly with lots of people who are over here learning english, they are french, italian,spanish and brazilian and one greek. I spend the majority of my time goading the people, while simultaneously being terrible at beerpong and drinking. 

Anyway so, last Friday, we met these really nice people who don't live in the city, and my housemate mentioned that we probably will never see them again. This started a big long alcohol induced walk home (well for me it was a hobble home but you get the idea). All my new friends will leave and go home back with much better english, and they'll know all the important irish words such as craic (fun) and shift (make out/snog).

During one stage in my semi drunken ramblings I said well why do I even bother being friends with people who are just going to leave. Of course that was just the pre already missing all the cute italians who I wont be able to creep on in The Brog anymore, but then I remembered there'll just be other Italians to creep on. A new spanish chap (he's a mere child of 19) was talking to me yesterday, we had been to a hurling game with my housemate sunday, as you do, and he said he learned more english through talking to me than he has in the english college, but he has only been there three weeks so I wouldn't worry too much about that. 

Now recently I have friends on the complete other side of the scale and the world! I have two close friends whom I have never met, don't worry I'm fairly sure they are real. I'm friends with one of them on snapchat and we played the super fun Try and Pronounce my name game, his name is simon, so clearly I won!!I started talking to my other Tumblr friends over out love of Broadcity and we have talked to each other almost everyday for months and months about everything. Doesn't matter if you're in Ireland or Brazil, being 24 is basically the same. The other guy lives in the states I do know them fairly well I think, but it is possible I will never meet either and that is also kinda hard to deal with, but I will cause they are really nice individuals who just happen to live thousands of miles away. It would literally be a dream come true to meet them in real life, is a possibility they'd be let down but sure I'd have a good time.

The world has gotten much smaller through the internet and cheaper travel, and I have all these people I know who I'd never have met if there wasn't those things. I now have a friend making me a to-do list for Barcelona. 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Diary of an Invalid Week 1

Last saturday was supposed to be a lovely day, it was the first day of 13 days off, I was going to go for a nice long run and Ireland were going to beat Wales............NEITHER of those things happened. I was just after hitting mile 4, there was a group of six in front of me so I ran onto the road, a bus was coming towards me so had to turn quickly avoiding the people, the bus and a telephone pole, and somehow I twisted my left ankle and landed on the footpath. Of course my first concern was my phone.....which was cracked... The people I was trying to  avoid stepped over me without the least bit of concern  and I end up  crying on the side of the road, from the shock. I stumble home to a very unsympathetic housemate and try to get on with my day. By the second half of the match my I decide I should head to A&E just to check and it turns out, my elbow is broken and I won't be fit for work for four weeks!! Not the way I planned to start St Patricks weekend. My housemate wracked with guilt orders us pizza which helps a bit...

Sunday was Mothers Day, so I headed home for dinner with my mother and my brothers. Getting home is an adventure onto itself as it the opposite limbs, I'd make a great zombie for The Walking Dead but I eventually get home. The salad with chorizo and black pudding and the slow cooked pork make it all worth while. The waitress also ended up giving me two Panadol, which was so appreciated! The most important thing was that Mam enjoyed dinner and liked her present!
I finish the night watching Batman Returns which I don't think I've seen before.

My best friend came over to Ireland for a few days and we met for coffee, after she stopped laughing at my walking and what I am wearing, I'm refusing to wear trousers because it is too hard to tie the button and my ankle is fairly swollen, I'm also unable to tie my hair up,and putting on a bra is a monumental task. My walking is improving but I'm sure I'm the talk of the town walking around like quasimodo

Tuesday is of course St.Patricks Day and I am not going to let some broken bone stop me enjoying my first time living in Cork for the day. There is green beer and green hats galore. As I have a lot of friends who aren't irish it's interesting to see their perspective on the day. I also can't resist asking some of my Tumblr friends where Patrick was born (answer is Wales btw). I scared a few friends taking my arm out of my sling, and my housemate spent a long time being my elbows bodyguard.

I had originally booked this week off, so my friend could visit me in Cork, and I wasn't going to change these plans, and my quasimodo nickname was finished, We headed to Soho in cork for dinner (I recommend the quesadillas and the Spanish fries) I had an espresso Martini there too. I was also convinced to join some friends in Amsterdam in July. They are interrailing for three and a half weeks and were organising it while we were having dinner. Later Niamh and I went to BDSM, and had a cherry margarita,

Thursday was another mini reunion. After a great pick me up coffee in Italee niamh is a bit of a coffee snob, so I'd to bring her to the best place in cork we headed for lunch at Ramen with another friend. I had the chicken Firecracker, which was the 6 before 6 special that day, and delicious. We magically ended up in H&M and I found a pair of dungarees on sale that I decided was my invalid present to myself. I also listened to Kendrik Lamars Album (I'm going to expand my musical/tv/movie repertoire while I am off work), I don't know if I can properly appreciate the album, but King Kunta was my favourite song.

On Friday my elbow was actually quite sore, I was moving it more than I should be, so I mostly read The Luminaries and listening to Hoziers album for the first time (Like Real People Do is my recommendation from this album). I ended up heading to a house party with my housemate, it was a spanish house party, they do better houseparties than irish people let me tell you. It was a costume party, so they made masks, speech bubbles and a selfie background (a jungle).

So this week didn't exactly go to plan at the start but I soldiered through, my biggest issue will be filling my time.If anyone has books/movies/tv shows recommendations I'd love to hear them

Monday, 2 March 2015

London Photo Diary

In my last post it all went fairly deep so to lighten the mood here's some photos of my trip to London.
First thing I did (after having my Breakfast at La Pain Quotidien at Embankment) was head to the Guy Bourdin Exhibition at Somerset House. 9 Pounds well spent. Such amazing photography for ads and editorials. Making myself feel all cultured altogether. 

 It felt like an age since I went to Camden, it's changed since I've been there, not only because of the addition of the Amy Winehouse. I had coffee from a stand that was roasting the coffee beans on a little frying pan at the stand, amazing stuff!

I didn't do much the thursday, had crepes, and hung out with my friend G before he left to go home. Seeing how the Thursday was Chinese New Year my dad and I headed to China town and had duck and it was only lovely. After dinner as my head was not in a good way, I was convinced to go to 50 Shades of Grey which cheered me up cause I laughed at the entire first scene as it was so horrendous but after a day of crying my eyebrows off something as bad as 50 shades of grey was needed 

On Friday we headed to Borough Market, a market I don't think I've even heard of before. Now I love Camden Market but this is beyond lovely for food. I had an Ostrich Burger and it was a unique burger (if a chicken and a pig had a baby and you cooked it, it would taste like ostrich). We hung out at Oxford street, headed to Kiko and started a eyeshadow palette with three shadows (the nine eyeshadow palette was free!!) Then we  had a friend date that included mushroom risotto and watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Saturday morning entailed Stalking back drops of Sherlock. I had been told where Speedys was and the photo on the right, is where Watson met his friend in the park in the first episode (the hotel I worked in during a summer is in the background). I met up with my cousin and my dad and we watched the munster match and ate nandos.

That evening some other friends of Niamh (who I was staying with) came over so we headed to Inamo, off reagants street, I only had a starter but I had a great time playing with the interactive table. We went to Waxy O'Connors (where I found my favourite cork beer) and ended the night in Verve. I don't normally enjoy going out near Leister Square but they were both really enjoyable!

That was my trip, I've been told by two people in three days that I need to move there, but until I do I'll just continue to visit and drink in all I can while I'm there

Sunday, 22 February 2015

An Open Letter to G

G, what can I say, it takes a lot to cry my eyebrows off,  but there I was watching 50 shades of grey and not because the opening scene was one of the most awkward things I've ever seen (it definitely did not help the situation though) 

I've known you a long time, I'm not sure how I feel about fate, and all that jazz, but you moving rooms and giving me a heart attack about my brothers card, still makes me laugh to this day. We both seemed to move into that room that night, drinking, smoking and watching terrible cartoons. I never thought I'd have to explain what 'ballsack' meant, but there we go. I'd never had an experience like the one I had with you, not just physical but the feeling you get when you lie by someone saying nothing and knowing that person is just as happy. Even though we both knew it always not right and dark but we still carried on.

Every time I planned on going to London you were at the forefront of my mind. To this day I am still not over the fact that we both  thought the other stood them up, and that we both decided to be stubborn enough not to contact the other to see what happened for a year. There's not many people with whom I'd rather just hang out with in a room in London rather than see anything with than you, though I do treasure our one date we had.

Now, well in three weeks, as I have done time and time again, you are leaving. But unlike me London has lost the charm for you and you are in no rush to come back, and that's obviously fine, four continuous years away from everything, doing shifts and not even coming close to an oven would take its toll on anyone, you have your responsibilities at home and you've had promises made to you and made by you, you can only hang around for so long. Seeing you this week, getting ready to go, I don't know, I  thought you'd be happier, the argument you had that day and the day before would put anyone in a bad mood, but at one stage I almost felt  you wanted me to tell you to just run away with me, but my life is not a David Nicholls novel, this is not One Day or The Notebook, life doesn't work like that.

Saying  that at our last meeting there you seemed even more quiet, with much more on your mind than normal, feelings you had previously had bubbled up ten fold. you regret what you did with me and to me, forgetting I made the choices of my own accord, I am not and was never a child being easily led, no matter what you or my parents think. I chose you 4 years ago and all those times I visited, I would be a ball of nerves going to see you, but it was always so natural and lovely and why would I  chose to visit you if I didn't think you were good and loving and kind. You helped me in the last four years figure our who I am and I don't know who I'd be if it wasn't for you and for you to question how good you are as a person because of me hurts a lot, I am no ones mistake, to be regretted I am much better than than and I deserve more than that. You deserve more too. I would never warn anyone against you, you helped make me feel that someone could would want me, not just as a casual thing, but someone that wants to know me, like to know what I'm thinking by looking at me.

I might actually never see you again, never mind anything else, that hurts my absolute soul, deep down, but I just  want you to be so happy at home, and have an abundance of children, All things in life happen for a reason and I'm very happy our paths crossed in that hotel in the city of London, I wish you the best of everything, I only wish I had been brave enough to have said this to you, and  even to admit some things I've denied for so long, all I can say is thank you and I love you. That's it, I love you.

Dear everyone or anyone that reads this. For the love of yourself, tell people how you feel about them. Because of my fear  of telling someone how I felt I have basically stunted my loving growth, This is not Gs doing but my own. I have to sit in my room trying to figure out through all my tears what I feel and try and release these feelings and emotions through this medium because I am afraid. This is not how its supposed to be done. Whats the worst that can happen?? Please learn from my mistakes. If you  managed to read this whole thing, know I appreciate it. I needed to get this out of my body so I wouldn't start crying at work or in public, which does happen anyway and it might still happen. The world is for loving, love and know I Love you.