Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Edinburgh Escapades. Our Weekend adventure

Up until this year I have never been on a girly holiday and so far this year I've been on two.
This time we decided to head to Edinburgh for the weekend. My friend organised everything and I basically just showed up, which felt weird, but it was great.

On the first night we were booked into the Mercat underground tour which warns not to drink too much before hand which we slightly ignored and had a couple of drinks in an irish bar, had some haggis, had happy birthday sang at me, when it was no where neat my birthday, and there was so many Stags. There was also a tuc shop which sold proper Taytos, chef sauce and Barrys Tea.

So we then headed to the Historic Underground and the alcohol did not help my friends ghost angst, and a great time was had. We then headed to a whisky bar where of course I had some scotch, cause that's just what you do. We were then advised to go up from the market square to some other pubs and we ended up in an Australian pub. Which was full of french men in rugby jerseys which made me unbelievably happy. My friend walked right up to them pointed at our table and convinced them to join us. None of us spoke much french and none of them spoke much English put through drinking, pointing and arm wrestling we all became great friends. I've also been rebaptised NENE as Niamh is unpronounceable. we headed too a late Irish late bar which was covered in GAA and Munster Jerseys, which again made me very happy. We wandered home at 3.30, on a night we were supposed to have a quiet night ha

The second day we did the Sandemans Walking tour with Australian Dave, who showed us loads.The best part in my opinion was all the Harry Potter stuff. He showed us the Cafe where she wrote her first couple of books, he showed us gravestones of names which she used as inspiration and told us which streets and buildings inspired streets and buildings in the book, such as Diagon Alley and Hogwarts.My friend and I went to the cafe, as Harry Potter fans have written all over the bathroom, and I mean ALL OVER the Bathroom.  We headed to the Witchery for lunch, which is a place we were possibly not posh enough for, I had the salmon and angus patty which was needed after the previous night. My friends were very good and we all headed to the pub to watch the Ireland v South Africa match, which we didn't win, but it was fun to sit down after the walk, and for my friends to see me in rugby mode.

That evening we went along to the Edinburgh pub crawl, which covered seven pubs, had great deals and a load of free shots, and good shots, tequila, jager. We met great people from all over and chatted to loads, giving advice about Ireland
even to those not heading there. I did try and shift a gay guy but we'll try and forget that. The other girls headed home, so I headed to Espionage after I was in a place called The Cowshed, which was an odd place, but Espionage was unreal, different floors, with different music, it was a great place to finish my night.

Sunday was a more chilled we went to the Camera Obscura, which was super fun hung over, mind bending altogether, we met with one of the girls from the Pub Crawl in the Cote Restaurant, and we had steak and chips which was just what we all needed. We hung out in the Edinburgh market and then headed to the airport.

There was so much we didn't do, we barely spent any time in the  new city,  one of my friends is convinced she's going to move there. Of course this is the PG13 story of our weekend, what happens in Edinburgh stays in Edinburgh

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Living in London 2

I actually cannot believe this is my forth week in London.
There has been great aspects and some not so great aspects.

The not so great aspect includes the fact that I haven't been able to start the job I got,
I'm waiting on a letter from the police still. Thankfully I can start the job as soon as I get the letter and only today I've gotten a job in a pub, in Kentish Town. I did also have a trial in Canary Wharf in the fanciest place I've ever been in, not even worked, been in. It was enjoyable to see the view of the banks, but I know I was slightly over my head, just for small things, like the way the bottle should be facing and where the wine goes if you're eating rather than drinking. etc. It was a cool experience though and I didnt break anything which is a big deal for me.

Now onto the good things, Firstly Tinder. Has anyone heard of Nik Hampshire. While we didnt match up I saw him on it and it did make me far too excited. I have matched up with; a toy designer, a guy who worked on the Harry Potter film, British Soldiers, It's an all round adventure.

My best friend has been here for a couple of years and since I've been here, its been so fun, I've spent most of my weekends with her and sometimes during the week, We haven't lived this close in about 7 years. As much as being long distance besties was great being this close is just the bomb dot com. She'soff to Peru for two weeks on Friday so I can just meet her for coffee wednesday, the wonders of not having to get on a plane  to see your bestie.

So I was scrolling through Facebook as per usual, and I saw someone had visited London and seen a Yayoi Kusama Exhibition, and I decided I'd head to see her stuff too. There were three installation rooms and you have thirty seconds or so in each. the walls are mirrors so the pieces are fairly breathtaking. Also for some reason I've never been in Liberties before,its like being in a clothes shop in a Harry Potter movie. Oh yeah and Im just casually walking up Bond Street and there's an Andt Warhol exhibition on, as you do.

Finally food! My dad and I were in Camden to watch Ireland play football and then play rugby, we lost both lets not mention it. We were walking along a side street near the underground and came across Hook, a fish and chip shop, that started in Dublin, so of course we headed there. I had my first ever fish taco and it was amazing

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Lit Nit Wit: The Girl on the Train

The one thing I couldn't bring when I  move over was books which is obviously so devastating.
My friend is basically a librarian, but like a super strict librarian, and I stayed with her my first night in London I saw she had The Girl on the Train and I practically had to beg to convince her to let me borrow it
I finished half of it in one day and was enthralled. And yes I realise its also being made into a movie which is an obvious theme in my reading life.

Rachel is a divorced alcoholic who though she has lost her job travels into London everyday,to keep the secret of her job loss from her falsely nice housemate.

She passes the same houses on the train and imagines their lives, giving them names and jobs and is highly offended when real life disturbs this fantasy.
When it emerges that one of the individuals she watches has gone missing she feels a personal connection to her and the investigation, and could even be an important to the investigation but it emerges her memory may be playing tricks on her and there is also the backdrop of her relationship with her ex husband his new wife and their daughter.

I did guess there would be a twist, did I guess it straight away no, but eventually I worked a bit out so the ultimate twist wasnt the biggest surprise. I'm into these darkish books and if you are too, I'd recommend this. I do love the fact I read a book based in London when I had just moved here, even though the film is in fact based in the US

Friday, 3 June 2016

Living in London: 1

Its been just about two weeks since I've moved. I haven't started working yet which is a bit stressful, I'm waiting for a form from the Garda (police) just to show I have no prior convictions or anything like that. So I'm trying to fill my days, but without spending all of my money, cause travel and food aren't free, but I know I'll appreciate doing things cause soon I will be working, and after speaking with my friends who started working, and they wish they had had time, but its a balancing act, tomorrow for instance I'm going to the V&A with my brother who moved over here the day before me. 

Speaking of family, and knowing people, it's been funny, I've interacted more with people from my hometown here than I did when I lived in my hometown. As well as my brother, my dad and two of my best friends live here. My first night here I stayed at another friends from my hometown house after we had gone out with 6 other irish people. I'm living with a childhood neighbour and his family and this weekend his mother, who was also my neighbour, and one of his friends also from our hometown  are over and the fact I was drinking wine with all of them last night is surreal. Irish people stick together it turns out, Even last week when I was out with a load of irish people, mostly who I didnt know, a lad from Tipp took me aside and told me if I needed anything, they'd all help, we're all in this together, which I thought was just super nice.

Nice thing number 2.
So as I haven't started working, I've put out a few CVs to pubs, as I do have experience in pubs, so last Friday I gave out a few and accidentally walked 21 Km, so I ended up in a pub, having a couple of pints of cider in walks in Brendon Urie from Panic at the disco! walks in, I walk up to him, apologising, saying I'm a fan, and he was so nice, he took a selfie on his phone and later we did a shot of whiskey, his shot glass is now on my window sill, and he tweeted the photo the next day, and my life was made.
Oh, and yesterday I was walking around by Big Ben and saw some photographers and well dressed people standing around so I stood around, an Italian girl came over to me and asked did I know what was going on, I said no, so she asked a photographer and it was the Gucci Cruise 2017, of course, so I saw some actual off duty models and some of the up and coming shoes, which to me was awful exciting 

Another thing is Tinder, its so different here, funnier too, aswell as people stating their Heights, which i still think is weird, people put up their uber ratings! I've had a chap from Leeds telling me in extreme detail what he'd do with me when we met, and also, interestingly there are couples looking for.. things which you wouldn't see that in Cork.

So far so good in London, new experiences and plans for the summer. Work will come, it'll all be grand, and the only way to go is up.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Leaving Ireland; hey there london

Since my last Blog post I've moved country!! Ok, in all fairness going from England from Ireland isn't the biggest thing in the world, seeing as I've been here two times already this year but this time its different, obviously.
I've tried to be organised before leaving, both college and job wise, but things haven't been 100% sorted, but it's more my father getting stressed about it, than me, I have only been here since Saturday. 

Whats really different is the fact is instead of staying outside all day to see as much as possible in the limited time I am here before I rush back to the airport to wait and pray my battery doesn't doe in the airport cause my plane ticket is on my phone.

Today I am moving into my summer room, so far in three nights I've stayed in three different houses on two different beds and a couch, a very comfy couch I may add, and I'm looking forward to unpacking, find out what thing I stupidly left in Ireland, in the 'to come to london at a later date' pile.

Recently ( since two weeks ago when I was in 'OH MY GOD I'M LEAVING THE COUNTRY AND NEED TO DO THINGS' mood, and I was all about the lists, and a couple of months ago, I read a vivianna loves makeup post and she had read something where its better to only have three things on your to-do list, so I'm attempting to stick to that, cause then the list is done everyday, the list is not never ending, and things are prioritised so if there's one thing I've learned its that.

I've also heard a lot of people speak about the life changing magic of tidying up during the whole clearing out, you should read The Pools article on Marie Kondo before you do read her book if  you are going to read it, but I was very proud of myself when I was finsihed clearing out. I had a work house wardrobe and a home wardrobe, and two make up collections and it was good to see them together and then actually know what I have. I cleared a lot of pennys things and gym stuff that just didn't look nice and in my soul I still wish I was a french person with like 7 items of designer clothes and thats it.

On my first night I ended up hanging with all irish people, so far it seems we stick together,and then friends of friends end up going out which I think is totes adorbs.  Also TINDER, especially compared to Cork tinder, I got a number already. 

So I've been here three and a half days, I wish things were further along work wise, but things have been beyond my control, but having more friends than I have in Youghal and spending all sunday with your BFF cause finally after about six years we live less than 100km away from each other, brunch and deliveroo FTW.

I know all things will work out but I want them to be worked out now, like there are worse places to not having to a job, and guess what book I started reading yesterday....Girl on the Train

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Podcasts I'm listening to 2016; part two

I'm sure you've only been dying to hear what I'm listening to that I haven't already mentioned,
I'm moving to a different country soon, which sounds far more exciting than it actually is, but
I'm trying to streamline things so I can bring only the things I need and that includes podcasts which is borderline unnecessary I know but here I am, at the same time it's good to see if you actually listen to and enjoy.

I've only gotten into Fiction in the last 6 months or so, they remind me of plays you could listen to on the radio back in the day.
It started with Limetown which was a recommendation from Gemmaquillage, but I didn't realise it was fiction when I started listening to the first episode and the first episode is kinda scary, especially when you're walking the dog at night like I was. I enjoyed it once I realised it wasn't real ha.
I then tried to find other fictional podcasts cause, sometimes you want to listen to things that aren't educational, or something you don't have to think about.
I came across Tanis and The Message. All of these podcasts are trying to figure out something, some kind of mystery, but in different ways  and they're all so good, my favourite would be Tanis, but the other two are headed by women which of course is very important.

We've all heard of The Nerdist and Bulleye with Jesse Thorn, so I won't mention them. I don't listen to a lot of them and the ones I do are a bit niche. I listen to An Irishman Abroad Lets Make Mistakes Together and Pardon My French.
 An Irishman Abroad is Jarlath Regan an irish comedian interviewing famous Irish People such as Dara O'Briain, Chris O'Dowd and Laura Whitmore, at the moment as an irish person who will soon be abroad, its nice to hear how they got on and succeeded abroad.
Lets make mistakes together is Philip DeFrancos podcast, where he interviews the people who works at sourcefed, or nerdy celebrities, like someone from Nightvale.
Pardon My French is Garance Dore interviewing and conversing with people such as Zosia Mamet, Emily Mortimer and Erin Foster, I adore Garance and will read and listen to just about anything she produces and I feel you see a different side to people when you hear them, especially when you hear them speak to someone they admire.

Sometimes you want to learn random things about your body or about superglue, and there are podcasts for that. There's Surprisingly Awesome, Hidden Brain and Only Human.
Surprisingly Awesome tries and make things that could be seen as mundane and puts it into perspective, like who doesn't want to sound cool at dinner parties that you know random facts about broccoli or  pigeons. Only Human and Hidden Brain are kinda similar to each other because they look at things such the science of fear your sanity or your kidneys.

Pop Culture Panels:
There are two pop culture panels that I love listening to. I do enjoy pop culture and its great to hear people talk about things they love like the OJ TV show, or what The Weeknd is talking about when he can't feel his face and The Oscars. There is Pop Rocket and Pop Culture Happy Hour and they are alike but different enough that I can justify listening to them both.

I wouldn't say I'm into tech things but podcast tech, is better. I'm not sure how I found Startup but I did. I'm never going to be an entrepreneur and launch a company, but Alex Bloomburg is and he recorded it, called it Startup. Its three seasons in, and it looks at different companies' experiences, the good and the bad. What came from Startup came reply all, which is two tech nerds discussing apps, internet famous dogs and the internet without being OTT techy, like its more conversational rather than patronising.

WHOO we did it, we got through this, there was a lot and here we are, at the other side. don't forget this is after I've unsubscribed to a lot of podcasts

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Lit Nit Wit; Luckiest Girl Alive

OMG lads, I've read something that hasn't been made into a movie yet. I'm subscribed to Lena Dunhams' newsletter, and while I don't read every letter every time, on one particular occasion Jessica Knoll wrote about her experience as a teenager and about her reaction to what she went through as an adult. I happened to be in the library and saw the book and I basically jumped for joy as I had put the book on my never ending wish list on amazon.

Ani FaNelli is a soon to be married sex journalist living in New York. She instantly reminds me of Amy Dunne from Gone Girl, all her moves are calculating, being the cool girl drinking pizza with her fiance, being friendly with her co-workers, knowing how two faced they all are, with a dark edge, a history that follows  her when she goes for coffee with people who want to start working in magazines.

We see her past in two ways, she documents herself, how she ended up in the new high school what the people in her area were like. A producer has also contacted her to help with a documentary about an event that happened while she was in school, an event she doesn't divulge until much later in the book, an event I was blindsided by to be honest, I was too busy concentrating on something equally as bad that happened earlier.

When you read what has happened to her you understand why she is the way she is, it doesn't excuse it but it makes the character more rounded, its interesting to see how certain events still affect people ten years on, solidified in their very being.
Highly recommend