Friday, 3 June 2016

Living in London: 1

Its been just about two weeks since I've moved. I haven't started working yet which is a bit stressful, I'm waiting for a form from the Garda (police) just to show I have no prior convictions or anything like that. So I'm trying to fill my days, but without spending all of my money, cause travel and food aren't free, but I know I'll appreciate doing things cause soon I will be working, and after speaking with my friends who started working, and they wish they had had time, but its a balancing act, tomorrow for instance I'm going to the V&A with my brother who moved over here the day before me. 

Speaking of family, and knowing people, it's been funny, I've interacted more with people from my hometown here than I did when I lived in my hometown. As well as my brother, my dad and two of my best friends live here. My first night here I stayed at another friends from my hometown house after we had gone out with 6 other irish people. I'm living with a childhood neighbour and his family and this weekend his mother, who was also my neighbour, and one of his friends also from our hometown  are over and the fact I was drinking wine with all of them last night is surreal. Irish people stick together it turns out, Even last week when I was out with a load of irish people, mostly who I didnt know, a lad from Tipp took me aside and told me if I needed anything, they'd all help, we're all in this together, which I thought was just super nice.

Nice thing number 2.
So as I haven't started working, I've put out a few CVs to pubs, as I do have experience in pubs, so last Friday I gave out a few and accidentally walked 21 Km, so I ended up in a pub, having a couple of pints of cider in walks in Brendon Urie from Panic at the disco! walks in, I walk up to him, apologising, saying I'm a fan, and he was so nice, he took a selfie on his phone and later we did a shot of whiskey, his shot glass is now on my window sill, and he tweeted the photo the next day, and my life was made.
Oh, and yesterday I was walking around by Big Ben and saw some photographers and well dressed people standing around so I stood around, an Italian girl came over to me and asked did I know what was going on, I said no, so she asked a photographer and it was the Gucci Cruise 2017, of course, so I saw some actual off duty models and some of the up and coming shoes, which to me was awful exciting 

Another thing is Tinder, its so different here, funnier too, aswell as people stating their Heights, which i still think is weird, people put up their uber ratings! I've had a chap from Leeds telling me in extreme detail what he'd do with me when we met, and also, interestingly there are couples looking for.. things which you wouldn't see that in Cork.

So far so good in London, new experiences and plans for the summer. Work will come, it'll all be grand, and the only way to go is up.